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In the world of music, there has been a very rapid development. The presence of music softwares help a person to learn the music, even without a face to face with the teacher. Classical? Pop? Jazz? So, why don't we learn it from now?

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This time I want to write specifically about the development of Christian spiritual music.

How is the church music played?

In the world and of course in Indonesia, the development of church music or spiritual music is very diverse, and this influence and enliven the churches of the various streams, be it Protestant, Catholic, and so forth.  

Here is where it should be realized that in the accompaniment of worship, a musician must be very clever to make adjustments to the style or habits of the song when played, and also can see the habits of the congregation when singing the song.

What should be noted as an accompaniment of worship?

Need to be understood, worship accompaniment usually consists of: organist / pianist, and singer/ song leader. In fact can also be accompanied by the ensemble music. It would be magnificent if accompanied by a large orchestra, but this is not easy because it requires a long time and great expense. Churches in Indonesia or even abroad, rarely using the orchestra in every worship.

Singer or Song Leader

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Singers should have a high musical taste. Do not underestimate this, because it may interfere with the pianist, the pastor, the congregation in singing hymns worship. Indeed it is not easy, but it should always be endeavored as much as possible.

Someone or a group of singers have to pay attention and always sharpen musical abilities. He/ She/ they should concentrate on:

  • intonation
  • articulation
  • expression
  • breathing
  • inspiration
  • pitch control
  • melody
  • rhythm

  • and no less important is the control of the microphone

Pianist / Keyboardist

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Pianist must have a good musical skills, such as the singer.

A good musical ability could be trained in the following way:
  1. The ability to choose the basic tone will be used so as not to be too high or too low when it was sung. In this case a pianist can look at the highest note in the song so that by using the knowledge of the ambitus of the human voice, a pianist can smartly determine the basic tone. 
  2.  Play the intro , select the melody that is simple, but clear. This should be strived for pastors, congregations, and the singer can start a song together and close the songs together. Complicated intro, though the pianist have advanced, is not recommended because it can be confusing. 
  3. Because the condition of instruments (organ / piano / keyboard) in each church is different, then the pianist should try to come early before. I meant in order to learn character worship accompaniment instrument. For example: setting the sound registers, operational buttons. Though a great pianist, will be disturbed if he did not learn about the specifics of his instrument. Very unfortunate if this happens.
  4. Pianist should understand the basics of knowledge of music harmony so that it can choose chords that will be used to accompany songs that sound more pleasant to hear. Many musicians are critizised when the chord progressions of church musician are not pleasant to be heard. This can happen because of a lack of understanding of the knowledge harmony and untrained fingering . 
  5. If one day a pianist should accompany an ensemble that already has a track arrangement, be careful to choose a chord. match with existing arrangement. Note its rhythm. Also provide additional melodies, intro, interlut and coda to beautify the song. 
  6. Learning musical notes (both numbers and "balok")
  7. Coordinate with the pastor and singer song couple days before.
  8. Give praise and thanks when finished of worship. this will add to the spirit of serving the Lord. 

    The Major Chords :

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  1. Okey, I don't know too much about the music, specially the Christian music, honestly. But now I know a bit about that ie for Singers and Pianist. Thank you for share :).

    1. hehehehe..... thank you for reading and the comment also, kak.(^0^). that was just a simple article. that's how i feel about the music. in the past, many insults I received, and scolded for being wrong in playing music. but i should not give up, right ? thank you for supporting me all this time.