Finest Taste of Italian Gelato, Sorbets, and Coffee at Artemy, Jogja

Sunday in Jogja, rain fell from noon till evening. Thankfully, I was not on duty as a pianist at the evening services at church. Even though the air was very cold, I finally decided to get out of the house.
At first, I stopped on my way in a restaurant that serves hot sauce. After I finished eating, the rain hasn't stopped. At that time an idea comes to mind. Why didn't I try to eat ice cream in the middle of this cold weather?
I continued my journey to the Tugu Jogja, exactly in the area Kranggan. I've heard from my friend, there is an ice cream shop that serves Gelato in the area.
I arrived at the ice cream parlor named Artemy. First entering the Gelato Shop, my eyes immediately went to those gelato boxes,arranged in a show case. Hmmmmm..... yummy gelato :)

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of gelato and sorbets in the showcase   

 I chose a seat in the corner, near the decorative cabinets, and ordered a coffee latte. Before long, my order arrived. A cup of warm coffee latte. Nice !

Coffee Latte. Nice and Warm

Wooow it's so beautiful, that's what I thought. Coffee Latte with cream and chocolate that are drawn resembling flowers. Too beautiful, to the extent that I could not bring myself to drink it.... hahahaha...
But in the end I still drink it. I already take the picture, anyway. 

Not content with just enjoying the warm coffee latte, I was still tempted by the gelato that seemed to invite me to taste them as well. I ordered 3 scoops gelato, consisting of Vanilla, Chocolate, and Creamy Oreo.
Finest Taste of Vanilla-Oreo-Chocolate Gelato
Il Gelato Perfetto ! The Perfect Gelato ! Soft texture, with a savory flavor and not too sugary. A very pleasant sensation. Different from the regular ice cream, gelato is not too "heavy" or "Eneg (in Javanese)".
Gelato contains less fat than regular ice cream. That's what caused it feels lighter. (

 While enjoying a latte gelato and coffee, I glanced around the place. Very cozy and nice design I think.
I am interested in the rows of coffee bean crusher and cute coffee cups.
Coffee Maker and Cute Coffee Cups
They are sold at prices ranging between 200 thousand to 1.5 million rupiah. There are also bottles of soft drinks "Sparkling" from France with a variety of flavors, such as white wine, apple, peach, kiwi and pome. Per bottle sold at a price of 45 thousand rupiah. Unfortunately I haven't bought it. Well, maybe next time :D
Sparkling Lemonade

Interested in trying this special gelato? Come to Kranggan Street 58 (phone 0274-587635), north of Tugu Jogja, or to the north of Malioboro Mall, Perwakilan Street 5 (phone 0274-563417).
Come, and taste the finest taste of Italian Gelato, and Coffee at Artemy. Il Gelato Perfetto !


  1. Aw aw aw! So delicio! I like that dek! By the way I am still thinking about this "Why didn't I try to eat ice cream in the middle of this cold weather?" hehehe. Why?! hehehe. by the way nice shared! good job! almost perfecto! i said almost bcoz if perfecto i was eating this page :D. hehehe.

  2. hihihi.....makasih ya kakak Yose... seneng deh ada yang selalu dukung kemajuan adek... xixixi (^__^)v

    1. I would like to try that spot someday dek. Looks so delicios :)! Keep up good writing and enjoy the life ^^!

    2. yes, someday we will try it together.....

  3. Always love to read this :).