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Finest Taste of Italian Gelato, Sorbets, and Coffee at Artemy, Jogja

Sunday in Jogja, rain fell from noon till evening. Thankfully, I was not on duty as a pianist at the evening services at church. Even though the air was very cold, I finally decided to get out of the house.
At first, I stopped on my way in a restaurant that serves hot sauce. After I finished eating, the rain hasn't stopped. At that time an idea comes to mind. Why didn't I try to eat ice cream in the middle of this cold weather?
I continued my journey to the Tugu Jogja, exactly in the area Kranggan. I've heard from my friend, there is an ice cream shop that serves Gelato in the area.
I arrived at the ice cream parlor named Artemy. First entering the Gelato Shop, my eyes immediately went to those gelato boxes,arranged in a show case. Hmmmmm..... yummy gelato :)

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of gelato and sorbets in the showcase   

 I chose a seat in the corner, near the decorative cabinets, and ordered a coffee latte. Before long, my order arrived. A cup of warm coffee latte. Nice !

Coffee Latte. Nice and Warm

Wooow it's so beautiful, that's what I thought. Coffee Latte with cream and chocolate that are drawn resembling flowers. Too beautiful, to the extent that I could not bring myself to drink it.... hahahaha...
But in the end I still drink it. I already take the picture, anyway. 

Not content with just enjoying the warm coffee latte, I was still tempted by the gelato that seemed to invite me to taste them as well. I ordered 3 scoops gelato, consisting of Vanilla, Chocolate, and Creamy Oreo.
Finest Taste of Vanilla-Oreo-Chocolate Gelato
Il Gelato Perfetto ! The Perfect Gelato ! Soft texture, with a savory flavor and not too sugary. A very pleasant sensation. Different from the regular ice cream, gelato is not too "heavy" or "Eneg (in Javanese)".
Gelato contains less fat than regular ice cream. That's what caused it feels lighter. (

 While enjoying a latte gelato and coffee, I glanced around the place. Very cozy and nice design I think.
I am interested in the rows of coffee bean crusher and cute coffee cups.
Coffee Maker and Cute Coffee Cups
They are sold at prices ranging between 200 thousand to 1.5 million rupiah. There are also bottles of soft drinks "Sparkling" from France with a variety of flavors, such as white wine, apple, peach, kiwi and pome. Per bottle sold at a price of 45 thousand rupiah. Unfortunately I haven't bought it. Well, maybe next time :D
Sparkling Lemonade

Interested in trying this special gelato? Come to Kranggan Street 58 (phone 0274-587635), north of Tugu Jogja, or to the north of Malioboro Mall, Perwakilan Street 5 (phone 0274-563417).
Come, and taste the finest taste of Italian Gelato, and Coffee at Artemy. Il Gelato Perfetto !

Music From The Heart


In the world of music, there has been a very rapid development. The presence of music softwares help a person to learn the music, even without a face to face with the teacher. Classical? Pop? Jazz? So, why don't we learn it from now?

(This picture is available on

This time I want to write specifically about the development of Christian spiritual music.

How is the church music played?

In the world and of course in Indonesia, the development of church music or spiritual music is very diverse, and this influence and enliven the churches of the various streams, be it Protestant, Catholic, and so forth.  

Here is where it should be realized that in the accompaniment of worship, a musician must be very clever to make adjustments to the style or habits of the song when played, and also can see the habits of the congregation when singing the song.

What should be noted as an accompaniment of worship?

Need to be understood, worship accompaniment usually consists of: organist / pianist, and singer/ song leader. In fact can also be accompanied by the ensemble music. It would be magnificent if accompanied by a large orchestra, but this is not easy because it requires a long time and great expense. Churches in Indonesia or even abroad, rarely using the orchestra in every worship.

Singer or Song Leader

 (This picture is available on

Singers should have a high musical taste. Do not underestimate this, because it may interfere with the pianist, the pastor, the congregation in singing hymns worship. Indeed it is not easy, but it should always be endeavored as much as possible.

Someone or a group of singers have to pay attention and always sharpen musical abilities. He/ She/ they should concentrate on:

  • intonation
  • articulation
  • expression
  • breathing
  • inspiration
  • pitch control
  • melody
  • rhythm

  • and no less important is the control of the microphone

Pianist / Keyboardist

 (This picture is available on

Pianist must have a good musical skills, such as the singer.

A good musical ability could be trained in the following way:
  1. The ability to choose the basic tone will be used so as not to be too high or too low when it was sung. In this case a pianist can look at the highest note in the song so that by using the knowledge of the ambitus of the human voice, a pianist can smartly determine the basic tone. 
  2.  Play the intro , select the melody that is simple, but clear. This should be strived for pastors, congregations, and the singer can start a song together and close the songs together. Complicated intro, though the pianist have advanced, is not recommended because it can be confusing. 
  3. Because the condition of instruments (organ / piano / keyboard) in each church is different, then the pianist should try to come early before. I meant in order to learn character worship accompaniment instrument. For example: setting the sound registers, operational buttons. Though a great pianist, will be disturbed if he did not learn about the specifics of his instrument. Very unfortunate if this happens.
  4. Pianist should understand the basics of knowledge of music harmony so that it can choose chords that will be used to accompany songs that sound more pleasant to hear. Many musicians are critizised when the chord progressions of church musician are not pleasant to be heard. This can happen because of a lack of understanding of the knowledge harmony and untrained fingering . 
  5. If one day a pianist should accompany an ensemble that already has a track arrangement, be careful to choose a chord. match with existing arrangement. Note its rhythm. Also provide additional melodies, intro, interlut and coda to beautify the song. 
  6. Learning musical notes (both numbers and "balok")
  7. Coordinate with the pastor and singer song couple days before.
  8. Give praise and thanks when finished of worship. this will add to the spirit of serving the Lord. 

    The Major Chords :

    (This picture is available on

Angelic Demon, Demonic Angel

Good morning, everybody. Finally I write in this blog again after quite some time.
Today I want to share something about Gundam. I read those reviews about Gundam from my boyfriend and frankly, I am also tempted to write..... hahaha.. (^0^)

Angel and Demon
 Angels, in a variety of religions, are regarded as spiritual beings. They are often depicted as messengers of God. A demon (or daemon, from Ancient Greek, δαίμων daímōn), is a supernatural being from various religions, occultisms, literatures, and folklores that is described as something that is not human and, in ordinary (almost universal) usage, malevolent.
Reading that sentence, I'm sure you have guessed what Gundam that I'll review.
Yup !
They are Wing Zero Custom and Deathscythe Hell Custom....jajajaaaangg......!!

Wing Zero Custom


Wing Zero Custom, more recently referred to as version Endless Waltz (ver EW), it was Hajime Katoki's redesigned version of the Wing Gundam Zero. The version of Wing Zero that appears in Endless Waltz differs from the one seen in the series mainly in appearance, but there are notable feature differences. It loses the piledriver shield and, subsequently, the Neo-Bird Mode of the television version, but instead sports four angelic wings lined with many thrusters. The large main wings can double as shields in combat and serve as heat shields for atmospheric re-entry, while the straight sub-wings provide constant thrust and house the beam sabers. Additionally, the forearms mount complex sensor arrays, giving the twin buster rifle unprecedented accuracy.  

 This Gundam is piloted by Heero Yuy, the main protagonist of this anime. Have a complicated character, yet so kind-hearted person. For further information, see

XXXG-01D2 Gundam Deathscythe Hell

XXXG-01D2 Gundam Deathscythe Hell (aka Deathscythe Hell, Deathscythe), is the upgraded version of XXXG-01D Gundam Deathscythe in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. The suit was redesigned by Hajime Katoki for the movie sequel Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz. The unit is piloted by Duo Maxwell.
(source :

D-Hell is piloted by Duo Maxwell. He wears his hair in the form of a thick thigh-length braid and his signature outfit is a pair of dark, flared jodhpurs and a cassock-style shirt with a white turtleneck shirt underneath (giving it the appearance of a clerical collar). For further information about Duo, see

I want to share more pictures of these Gundam. Enjoy !

Wing Gundam Zero in The Morning Sunlight
Wing Gundam Zero with Buster Rifle Front View
Wing Gundam Zero with Buster Rifle Rear View
Angel and Demon Preview Shot
The Weapons
Angel and Demon in The Direct Sunlight
D-Hell Custom BoxArt
Yose The Meister
My boyfriend touch up D-Hell

Aku Tidak Bisa Lari

"Bertanyalah mereka : 'Akan kami apakan engkau, supaya laut menjadi reda dan tidak menyerang kami lagi, sebab laut semakin bergelora.'" (Yunus 1 : 10 - 17)

Tidak semua orang memberikan respon yang benar terhadap panggilan Tuhan. Malahan, lebih banyak yang justru lari menjauh, menghindari panggilan tersebut.

Yess indeed, memenuhi panggilan Tuhan berarti kita harus siap masuk ke "Zona Tidak Nyaman". Kita harus siapa mengalami masa - masa sulit dengan segala bentuk resiko yang menghadang.

Hal itu juga dialami oleh Yunus saat Tuhan memanggilnya untuk pergi ke suatu kota dan melakukan sebuah tugas : "Bangunlah, pergilah ke Niniwe, kota yang besar itu, berserulah terhadap mereka, karena kejahatannya telah sampai kepada-Ku".

Nah apa reaksi Yunus ?

Justru ia "...bersiap untuk melarikan diri ke Tarsis, jauh dari hadapan Tuhan." Yunus berpikir, dengan melarikan diri berarti urusanya sudah beres !

Melarikan diri ternyata bukan pilihan yang tepat, pasti ada konsekuensi berat yang akan menunggu ! Dan bukanlah kebetulan jika dalam pelariannya, terjadi bencana besar, badai dahsyat yang hampir-hampir menghancurkan kapal yang ditumpangi Yunus. See ? Bahkan kesalahan Yunus pun sepertinya juga berpengaruh pada orang - orang di sekitarnya.

Singkat cerita, angin kembali reda dan laut berhenti mengamuk setelah Yunus dilemparkan ke dalam laut. Ia pun mengalami "....tinggal di dalam perut ikan itu tiga hari tiga malam lamanya."
Kejadian demi kejadian itu akhirnya menyadarkan Yunus bahwa ia tidak punya pilihan lain selain harus taat mengerjakan panggilan Tuhan tersebut.

Haruskah kita mengalami penderitaan, kesesakan, atau teguran Tuhan dulu, baru kita mau menjawab dan melaksanakan panggilan-Nya ? Lari dari panggilan Tuhan IS DEFINITELY NOT A WAY OUT !

Daud juga pernah mengalami pengalaman seperti ini.

"Ke mana aku dapat pergi menjauhi roh-Mu, ke mana aku dapat lari dari hadapan-Mu? Jika aku mendaki ke langit, Engkau ada di sana; jika aku menaruh tempat tidurku di dunia orang mati, di situ pun Engkau. Jika aku terbang dengan sayap fajar, dan membuat kediaman di ujung laut, jga di sana tangan-Mu akan menuntun aku, dan tangan kanan-Mu memegang aku." (Mazmur 139 : 7 - 10)

Aku tidak bisa lari..................